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Chris Fritschi

Chris Fritschi was born and raised in Southern California where he lives with his wife, Karen.  He has worked in Hollywood writing science fiction, action and paranormal scripts. Since turning his talents to books he’s written several short stories (some available on this web site). 

In his spare time he enjoys being outdoors, exploring on the back of a motorcycle, traveling and being at the range working on his practical sports shooting. His interests vary widely between military history, technology, and the paranormal to list a few.  

He’s the author of the comedy, sword & sorcery novel Hero - The Unknown Territories. A self confessed geek, Chris drew on his days of playing D&D, with a colorful assortment of gamers, to create a rich and entertaining world full of unique and lively characters then wove them into a rousing and delightful adventure novel.

Chris will soon be releasing the first in a new military horror series, In the Shadow of Patriots. Blending his knowledge of zombie lore, dark conspiracies, and military special forces, Chris has created a story that throws you into a world of horror and suspense.