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Welcome to the Beta Readers Page
There's only a few simple, but really important, things it takes to be a beta reader.
1. Review the questions before reading the book. It really helps to know what you're looking for.

2. Take notes. Explaining the who, what, why, etc. will be very helpful.

3. Ignore spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. This will be addressed by the editor.

4. Be on time. I understand everyone is fitting this in into an all ready busy life, so I provide plenty of time to read and provide feedback. The book is on a time schedule, and you'll be asked to proved your feedback by a specific date.

5. Be honest. If you don't like something; it's confusing, out of character, or whatever, tell me.
That's it!
After you've been accepted as a beta reader, you'll receive emails with updates about when the book will be sent, the link to the beta reader feedback site, the feedback deadline, etc.
The Legal Stuff
Everyone all ready understands this last part, but I’m obligated to state the obvious.
Any and all parts of my book, and anything I write, or communicate about the book including, but not limited to email, text, video, or phone calls about the book, or it’s contents, are my exclusive property.
You may not distribute my book, whole, or in part to anyone without my express, written permission.