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Hero - the unknown territories

In a world filled with a parade of dangers the only answer is a hero. Handsome, rich, adored and with perfect teeth, Tilger is a professional hero.

But Tilger makes the mistake of gambling with a wizard. To his surprise he loses. To his horror he's transformed from the pinnacle of manliness to a scrawny, ugly, weakling. He loses everything - his powers, his looks, his armor and his weapons. With the body of a wimp and the ego of a superhuman Tilger embarks on the most important crusade of his life. To win it all back.

With the help of his loyal and patient warhorse, Sho, and a minuscule, but hazardous inventor, Standback, Tilger must overcome the greatest fear of all - being common.

It's an adventure littered with terrifying creatures, bravery, friendship and a truly horrifying and omnipotent rival.

'Hero - the Unknown Territories' is an epic fantasy adventure with a refreshing blend of humor and honesty, suitable for all ages, from older children to adults.

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