FritschiChrisGrave DiggersGrave Diggers Two OneIn The Shadow Of PatriotsHero - The Unknown TerritoriesAuthor

The grave diggers

In a cascade of horror and disaster the world is ravaged as the dead awake and exact a nightmare of destruction on the human race. Weakened and nearly defenseless, the United States sanctions the All Volunteer Expeditionary Force (AVEF). Desperate to fill its ranks quickly, the AVEF will take anyone who can walk and hold a gun. With little training these men and women are tasked with cleaning up the mess.
Jack Tate has nothing to lose and nothing left to give. He joins the AVEF hoping to forget the sins of his past. But trouble finds him again, and after a mission that nearly kills him and his rookie team, Tate discovers there is more to fear than the undead. Hiding in the shadows of patriotism, forces are at work to destroy what’s left of the country he had pledged to defend. Tate finds himself in a dark world of treachery and danger, where the next day might bring a bullet in the back of the head, or a corpse’s jaws around his throat. Grave Diggers Two One is an action packed mix of horror and military thriller.
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