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The undead have left the world in ruins. A secret cabal plots to overthrow the weakened government and the only ones to stop it is a covert team of ragtag misfits.
They are The Grave Diggers.

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Suspicion and fear are the hands that rattle the world’s sabers after the planet is savaged by the inexplicable rising of the undead. While some countries are hanging by their fingernails others have been entirely wiped out.
The carnage and destruction has left Sergeant Jack Tate a broken man. But when he's offered a chance to make a real difference to his faltering country he ignores his instincts and accepts the challenge. Before long Tate will be fighting for his very life and he will quickly discover the undead aren’t the only enemy out to kill him.


After narrowly surviving an attack of undead that wiped out their outpost, Sergeant Major Jack Tate and his covert team, the Grave Diggers, learn that the carnage is just beginning. A ruthless ex-general is bent on revenge and the Grave Diggers are the only only shield between thousands of innocent lives and the murderous rage of the Suicide King.


A covert NSA satellite, code named Vulcan 4, has just crashed in the jungles of South America. In the wreckage is an encrypted database, which in the wrong hands would be a Pandora’s Box of government secrets that could sweep control of the country into anyones hands, and The Ring will kill to get it.
The Grave Diggers know they have to get it first, but the jungle is not the only threat they face. Most of the United States has been abandoned to the undead and Tate must lead the Grave Diggers into the wildlands of Texas to rescue the only man who knows where to find Vulcan 4.

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